The Hanson Building

(Bauhaus & Hanson's Shoe Repair)


In perfect symmetry with the 1920s movement of its namesake, Bauhaus opened its doors in 2015 with the intent of reintroducing creativity and thoughtfulness to the art of mixing drinks. Bauhaus is more than the average cocktail lounge, but a two-tiered aesthetic experience to satisfy all of your senses. In the pursuit of artistic excellence, Bauhaus will soon include a wet bar boasting over eight barrel aged cocktails.
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Hanson's Shoe Repair

Step back into the prohibition era and find out where all the best drinks have been hiding. Enveloped by century old brick walls and evocative decor, Hanson's Shoe Repair can be found tucked away on the third floor of The Hanson Building. The only chance of catching a glimpse of Orlando's premier speakeasy without the password is from above the unenclosed rooftop deck, so we recommend calling ahead.
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About The Hanson Building

V Group Concepts presents The Hanson Building, located at 27 East Pine Street in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Originally erected in 1883-1884 during the 19th century commercial period, this building is rumored to be the oldest in all of downtown Orlando. Ten years following completed construction, Andrew Hanson purchased the property for "Hanson Shoe Repair Shop," which rumors also say can still be found today, if you know how to find it.

In an effort to sustain the historic personality of the of the original architecture, The Hanson Building has been reintroduced as one of the most notable craft cocktail lounges of its kind. Patrons are invited to enjoy three floors of specialty beverages (soon to include a wet bar offering over eight barrel aged cocktails) all of unique style and selection from one of many rotating seasonal menus. For those seeking to share and appreciate art and music with great company, Bauhaus is open for business Monday-Sunday at 8pm.