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House Rules

  • 1 Please Speak Easy
  • 2 We Encourage You To Enjoy Your Experience, Just Not At An Obnoxious Volume Level
  • 3 Appropriate Attire Is Requested. It's A Fancy Night Out, Not A Cookout
  • 4 Do Not Crowd The Bar. We See You, Promise
  • 5 Smoking Is Not Permitted Indoors or Out. We Like To Promote Health With Our High-Proof Cocktails
  • 6 Please No Flash Photography In The Bar. We All Look Better In The Dark Anyway
  • 7 Please Limit Your Telephone Calls To The Patio. It's A Period Bar, You Should Be Using A Telegram
  • 8 Gentlemently And Ladylike Behavior Required. Do Not Make Unsolicited Advances And Always Remember Bartenders Have First Dibs
  • 9 Please Be Patient. Rome Wasn't Built In 15 Seconds And The Same Applies To Your Cocktail
  • 10 Appropriate Drink-Orders Only. Please Refrain From Cosmos, Shots, Or Any Type Of Bombs